My mental health first aid box

Step 1: Cover the box with quotes from magazines, funny pictures or things that you like.

Step 2: Gather together all of the things that make you smile

Step 3: Remember to keep it somewhere where you can easily get to it when you’re having a bad day

What I have in my box

-theraputty+ tangle+stress ball , these are good for when you’re feeling stressed and you need to occupy your hands. I got mine from the hospital I’m in but you can order them on Amazon. For me stress balls particularly help at meal times and the tangle and theraputty help when I’m out and about or just generally anxious.

-traffic light bands, these are for if you find it hard to communicate how you are feeling green is ok, orange is low and red is really low.

– flowchart of what to do when feeling anxious.

The first step is to recognise the thoughts that you are feeling.

Then do some deep breathing.

Now show yourself some facts that reassure you.

Lastly use distraction techniques to improve your mood.

-breathing exercises , realxation scripts or mindfulness techniques


-a list of distraction techniques  that you enjoy e.g.

Puzzles / crochet / music / games

-positivity book (although I’m guilty of not writing in it that often) try to write 1 positive thing each day if if you’ve had a bad day there is always something positive. It can be as simple as ‘my rabbits are fluffy’ or ‘I listened to my favourite song’

-diary to vent your feelings when you’re finding it hard to talk to someone

-pictures of things you like e.g. Pets, ED SHEERAN!!!

-face masks so you can pamper yourself

-cards or letters from friends, I have many of these that friends that I’ve made in hospital and  friends that I met before.

-funny photos from when you were younger

-phone numbers to call or websites to visit when feeling distressed
I hope this helped at least 1 person! Please comment below any other blog post requests. Sorry I haven’t posted any photos but I only go home on weekends therefore I cannot upload photos from my camera in the week.

Ela x


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