World eating disorders day

Today is world eating disorders day (I know I’ve posted this a bit late) but I just wanted to say to everybody who is struggling with an eating disorder that you are so strong and brave and you can get through these horrible times. One day things will be better, I’m not going to lie I find this hard to remember and usually focus on the negatives. While being in hospital I’ve witnessed so much bravery and courage from each and every person and i admire them all because I know that it’s so hard. There are many misconceptions about eating disorders:

– it is an illness not a lifestyle choice 

-it’s not because we are vein

-once you are weight restored it does not mean that you are better, in fact it’s probably one of the hardest stages of recovery 

-not just girls have eating disorders boys do too

Please visit  if you need some support whether you are suffering or you’re a family member of somebody with the illness. Also please take action and sign the pledge to raise awareness. 

Ela x 


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