Why we should avoid pro-ana sites

The other day i was scrolling through my recovery account on instagram with positive posts from other people in their journey to recovery from an eating disorder then i came across a photo of somebody who was very underweight. Why would you post that when you know that other people are recovering? This could have a negative impact on somebody else journey.  People who are in recovery don’t automatically get better when gaining weight or getting out of hospital, it is a long journey that could take years to recover from. Its like saying to someone who’s broken their leg and has come out of hospital just walk you are fine now.

Pro-ana sites are ridiculous! People should not glamourise eating disorders, do you want me to tell you what an eating disorder is like? Your hair falling out , brittle nails , no energy    , feeling freezing cold all of the time , dizziness , feeling depressed and being withdrawn and the list goes on…

Why would anyone promote this?  i do not know! Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. It is not just thinking you’re fat its physically feeling the fat creeping all over you (in my experience) . It is NOT a lifestyle choice or something that people should encourage.

From my own experience i can tell you that looking at these sites only triggers you to feel worse about yourself and make things even harder, especially if you’re in recovery. I think that pro-ana sites should be banned because they are promoting an ILLNESS which people can die from, if somebody made a pro-cancer website everyone would go crazy. They are both serious illnesses that people can die from.

People that make these pages must be very ill themselves and not realise the massive impact that this could have in somebody else’s illness.

Ela x


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