Lush products review

IMG_0160.JPGWHOOSH! SHOWER JELLY. This is literally AMAZING it smells so fresh like lemon and lime. I would definitely recommend it! It is a shower gel in the form of a jelly so you can rub it over your body. It can be chilled or frozen or used straight from the pot. I am definitely going to re-purchase this!

R&B HAIR MOISTURISER. This product is perfect for hair that is damaged and frizzy (like mine) It moisturises your hair and leaves it looking sleek and smooth, although it doesn’t smell as good as other lush products.

CUP O’ COFFEE FACE AND BODY MASK. I absolutely love this! Today was the first time that i have tried this and i can honestly it is worth the money. It  has grains of coffee that exfoliate your skin. I also love the strong smell of coffee that this product has and the brightening effect it has on your face. However when rinsing this off your face it does create a bit of mess , which looks like you’ve just spilt some coffee.

The good thing about lush products is that they are free from animal cruelty which makes me love lush even more! I would recommend all of these products 🙂

Ela x

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5 thoughts on “Lush products review

  1. That R&B hair moisturizer is the bomb! If you like that and have frizzy hair, go check out my post on the other hair stuff I use from lush, it’s really helped tame my hair!


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