Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1 Tick tock b**ches highlights


  • Alison has a psychotic brake- could this be because she killed Charlotte?
  • Hanna’s life is on the line if the liars don’t get the name of Charlotte’s killer and proof ,  A.D (Uber A) will kill her
  • Jessica’s twin sister , who we think is Mary Drake, makes an appearance and is acting very suspiciously
  • Ezria might be getting back together!!!!
  • Are Elliot and Mary Drake working together? Is one of them A.D?
  • The liars are digging someones grave, who’s could it be?
  • Elliot seems to be secretly against Ali
  • Are Jessica and Mary the twins from the twin story?


What are your theories? Comment down below.

Ela x


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