Pretty little liars Season 7 ,Episode 3 -The Talented Mr. Rollins

This episode kept me on edge throughout the whole 45 minutes! It was probably one of the best episodes so far.


  • Emily and Sabrina admit that they like each other
  • Spencer finds out that Hanna and Caleb kissed
  • Elliot isn’t who he says he is
  • Elliot is making Ali deteriorate- she is not even ill he is making her that way by using drugs to sedate her and make her have hallucinations
  • The liars find out that Elliot made a mask of Wilden to make Alison think that she was seeing things
  • Ali manages to escape but when she does Elliot chases after her, meanwhile Spencer, Emily , Hanna and Aria crash into him and KILL HIM (unintentionally)
  • There was a creepy girl at a farm where Elliot and Charlotte used to go who had dolls, that were given by Charlotte, of the liars
  • Charlotte and Elliot were in a relationship



‘Elliot’ had an english accent when he spoke to Alison, this makes me wonder whether there is a connection between Wren and Elliot. If you think about it they both look alike. They both have brown eyes and dark hair. They also are/ were both doctors at psychiatric units, although this doesn’t make them related, nothing is a coincidence in Rosewood so it may mean something.

On twitter the user @workfromcold had an interesting screen shot that shows that Dr Rollins was Mona’s doctor when she was at Radley! ( found on )CjVx6j2XIAA-THO

This is definitely NOT a coincidence! Although Wrens last name is Kingston he may have changed his name. I’m not quite sure. Comment your theories below.


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