Eating disorders – they are not all about food!

A misconception about eating disorders is that they are just about food and people with an ED (eating disorder) hate food. This is definitely not true, it is far deeper than that! People with an ED are actually obsessed with food and when you deprive yourself of food and don’t eat when you’re hungry, it’s all you can think about because of a chemical called ghrelin that is the hunger hormone gets released more when you don’t eat much. However EDs are much more than food, it’s about taking control of something because your life is out of control. You become terrified of everything, an ED can take over every aspect of your life. You lose touch with friends, family and become so scared… The anxiety doesn’t stop when you’re weight restored and this is something people fail to understand! People think just because you are in recovery and are eating you are cured but this is not true, especially after being discharged from hospital, it is just the beginning of the journey.The recovery journey takes a long time and is very hard and complicated. It’s being so scared to look in a mirror but not being able to resist looking at it to check, and no it is not vanity, it is a mental illness. There is a much deeper meaning to the reason for this, and even i don’t quite understand because an ED is not logical. But there are so many emotions that come with this illness, disgust,guilt,shame,fear,sadness and much more. And the feeling that you don’t deserve the help which makes it so much harder to deal with.

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Ela x


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