Pretty little liars season 7 episode 4 Hit and run, run, run!

Hey guys sorry this is a bit late but here is my review on the latest PLL episode. Please comment below if you prefer long detailed posts or short ones with just the key points.

The episode started off with the Liars digging up a grave, which we have seen as a flash forward in  previous episode. As we know from the last episode ELLIOT (or who we think is Elliot) IS DEAD!!!!! The liars killed him by accidentally crashing into him when he was chasing after Ali when he was taking her somewhere in his car. So as they are burying his body Alison sits next to the grave and pulls out his Welby pass so that the liars can sneak Ali back in without them realising that she’d gone. They spend the rest of the episode covering up their tracks and making sure nobody could trace his death back to them. However later on in the episode Mona finds out as she was tracing his car and helps the liars out by fixing the car. They try to make it look like ‘Elliot’ skipped town.

There is a lot of tension between Hanna and Spencer since Spencer found out about the kiss. I DO NOT ship #spaleb i ship #haleb i really want them to get back together. However after we heard what Caleb said to Spencer crying through the door it doesn’t sound very likely. Hanna heard this long conversation too, all three of them were crying! #awks. Spencer cheats on Caleb and kisses another man called Marco, and Caleb leaves town, not knowing, and thinking that she didn’t want to talk to him when really she was just covering up a murder.

Toby looks into Elliot Rollins and finds out that he died 15 years ago! So the person that we think is Elliot is a fraud. When Hanna and Mona find the burner phone they answer and its Jenna saying ‘ Hey Archer its Jenna Marshall’ is this his real name? how do they even know each other?

Ela x


Pretty little liars Season 7 ,Episode 3 -The Talented Mr. Rollins

This episode kept me on edge throughout the whole 45 minutes! It was probably one of the best episodes so far.


  • Emily and Sabrina admit that they like each other
  • Spencer finds out that Hanna and Caleb kissed
  • Elliot isn’t who he says he is
  • Elliot is making Ali deteriorate- she is not even ill he is making her that way by using drugs to sedate her and make her have hallucinations
  • The liars find out that Elliot made a mask of Wilden to make Alison think that she was seeing things
  • Ali manages to escape but when she does Elliot chases after her, meanwhile Spencer, Emily , Hanna and Aria crash into him and KILL HIM (unintentionally)
  • There was a creepy girl at a farm where Elliot and Charlotte used to go who had dolls, that were given by Charlotte, of the liars
  • Charlotte and Elliot were in a relationship



‘Elliot’ had an english accent when he spoke to Alison, this makes me wonder whether there is a connection between Wren and Elliot. If you think about it they both look alike. They both have brown eyes and dark hair. They also are/ were both doctors at psychiatric units, although this doesn’t make them related, nothing is a coincidence in Rosewood so it may mean something.

On twitter the user @workfromcold had an interesting screen shot that shows that Dr Rollins was Mona’s doctor when she was at Radley! ( found on )CjVx6j2XIAA-THO

This is definitely NOT a coincidence! Although Wrens last name is Kingston he may have changed his name. I’m not quite sure. Comment your theories below.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1 Tick tock b**ches highlights


  • Alison has a psychotic brake- could this be because she killed Charlotte?
  • Hanna’s life is on the line if the liars don’t get the name of Charlotte’s killer and proof ,  A.D (Uber A) will kill her
  • Jessica’s twin sister , who we think is Mary Drake, makes an appearance and is acting very suspiciously
  • Ezria might be getting back together!!!!
  • Are Elliot and Mary Drake working together? Is one of them A.D?
  • The liars are digging someones grave, who’s could it be?
  • Elliot seems to be secretly against Ali
  • Are Jessica and Mary the twins from the twin story?


What are your theories? Comment down below.

Ela x