The common misconception of people with mental illness and people in psychiatric hospitals.

Hello, long time no post! I saw somebody else do a similar blog post to this and it inspired me to write this. I am currently putting off doing my english work to write this because i seriously don’t have the motivations to do it.

People often think that people with mental illness are all violent and dangerous, when in fact only 3%-5% of people with a serious mental health condition are violent and people with severe mental illnesses are over 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crime than the general population. ( ) People also think that people with mental illness are self obsessed and will never recover often leading on to thinking that their treatment is a waste of time but that is completely not true, it’s an illness and all people who are ill deserve help!

When people think of a psychiatric hospital they think that its a place where all of the ‘crazy’ people go and some people even call it a ‘loony bin’. They think that it is full of horrible,scary people that are selfish and attention seeking when actually i have met some of the most kindhearted, caring and considerate people ever when i was admitted to an eating disorder unit. People actually find the thought of a psychiatric hospital funny when it really isn’t , it is somewhere where severely ill people go in order to start their journey to recovery. It should be treated just the same as anyone with a physical illness going into hospital would be. But yet people think that everyone is just sitting there in ball rocking and crying and yes this may happen but it isn’t all of the time and in there you can make lovely friends and actually have some laughs even though there may be more tears. It can become competitive or triggering being in hospital with other people who are mentally ill and that is the illness talking, everyone cared for each other and loved each other when i was an inpatient. MENTAL ILLNESS DOESN’T DEFINE YOU AS A PERSON, YOU CAN BEAT YOUR ILLNESS, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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Bullying – it is not a joke!

Bullying can come in many forms such as emotional ,physical and cyber bullying. The definition of bullying is to : ‘use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.’

Bullying happens in every school and i think it is absolutely disgusting! I have experienced bullying and i can say that it has definitely affected my life, it made my self esteem so low, i had no confidence at all and made me have very destructive behaviours. I was depressed and anxious all of the time and it contributed to my eating disorder, although its not the full cause. I will never ever forget the words that people have said to me. People have told me to kill myself and i seriously don’t understand why you would say that, it is so low.

A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying! This is absolutely shocking! Nobody deserves to be bullied, no matter what they’ve done – and most of the time they have done absolutely nothing wrong! Bullies often use the excuse that it is ‘just a joke’ but do you really think tormenting someone is a joke? It can lead to mental illness, do you realise how serious that is? What will it take to stop bullying? someone that you have bullied attempting suicide?! That is absolutely sick.

Bullies often have their own insecurities but this is no excuse, just because you feel bad about yourself you shouldn’t try to make others feel as bad as you do. It is NEVER ok to bully someone. Please make sure that you tell someone if you are getting bullied because it needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand.

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Eating disorders – they do not discriminate!

Many people think that Anorexia nervosa in particular is a rich teenage white girl’s illness and that boys and older people don’t get it. That is where they are WRONG. Eating disorders do not discriminate any race, gender , nationality, age. They are not all caused by ‘wanting to be a model’ it is far deeper than that. It is a complicated illness with many contributing factors. I am posting this to make people more aware that ANYBODY can develop an eating disorder. It creeps up on you and before you know it its got a hold over you.

Whilst i was an inpatient there was a variety of genders and races and yes they were all teenagers/of a similar age but this unit was especially for adolescents and there are plenty of adult eating disorder units.

“Recent research from the NHS information centre showed that up to 6.4% of adults displayed signs of an eating disorder (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007). This research suggested that up to 25% of those showing signs of an eating disorder were male.” -Beat (
Although this may not be a large percentage, there are still many people suffering and probably a great amount of people undiagnosed due to lack of understanding and because society makes out that men should be strong and they may be ashamed of having an illness so may not reach out for help.
Also there are several different types of eating disorder , Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge eating disorder (BED) and Eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS) More people need to be aware of the different types of eating disorders, an eating disorder does not mean somebody is skinny , it means that they have an unhealthy relationship with food.
Before the latest change in diagnostic criteria, it was estimated that of those with eating disorders, 10% were anorexic, 40% were bulimic and the rest fall into the EDNOS category which included BED. – Beat (
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Recovery from anorexia nervosa – it’s more than ‘just eating’

Recovery from any eating disorder is extremely hard and may take many years, some say that you never fully recover from an eating disorder but just learn how to cope with the thoughts better. Anorexia Nervosa means nervous lack of appetite as oppose to anorexia which is just a lack of appetite. Not everyone who is slim has an eating disorder, having anorexia nervosa IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING SKINNY! This frustrates me so much and it is almost used as an insult when in reality it is a deadly illness. It tricks you into believing things that aren’t true, for me my thoughts of disgust seem extremely real but apparently its a delusion. How can i see something different to what other people see, this is what really confuses me.

It is true that in recovery food is the medicine but gaining weight is only the first step. Recovery is so hard! It’s like trying to break away from a toxic, controlling friendship. You have to fight every day despite what you may think about yourself and it takes time. The relapse rate is high which is very worrying as this illness kills people.There is a lot of psychological help needed to treat eating disorders and the NHS have been a great help in my recovery by basically forcing me to start real recovery in an inpatient unit for 6 months.

In my worst times i felt like i was in my own dark world with no escape or sense of reality. With the help of CAMHS (which I’ve been in for nearly 3 years in total but two of those years were for my anxiety and depression) my family and friends and my medication i am on the journey to recovery. It is so so hard and i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. The guilt. The shame. Feeling repulsed at your own body. The constant groan of thoughts playing on your mind over and over again.

If you have a mental illness keep fighting because you are worth more than your horrible , negative thoughts!
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Pretty little liars season 7 episode 4 Hit and run, run, run!

Hey guys sorry this is a bit late but here is my review on the latest PLL episode. Please comment below if you prefer long detailed posts or short ones with just the key points.

The episode started off with the Liars digging up a grave, which we have seen as a flash forward in  previous episode. As we know from the last episode ELLIOT (or who we think is Elliot) IS DEAD!!!!! The liars killed him by accidentally crashing into him when he was chasing after Ali when he was taking her somewhere in his car. So as they are burying his body Alison sits next to the grave and pulls out his Welby pass so that the liars can sneak Ali back in without them realising that she’d gone. They spend the rest of the episode covering up their tracks and making sure nobody could trace his death back to them. However later on in the episode Mona finds out as she was tracing his car and helps the liars out by fixing the car. They try to make it look like ‘Elliot’ skipped town.

There is a lot of tension between Hanna and Spencer since Spencer found out about the kiss. I DO NOT ship #spaleb i ship #haleb i really want them to get back together. However after we heard what Caleb said to Spencer crying through the door it doesn’t sound very likely. Hanna heard this long conversation too, all three of them were crying! #awks. Spencer cheats on Caleb and kisses another man called Marco, and Caleb leaves town, not knowing, and thinking that she didn’t want to talk to him when really she was just covering up a murder.

Toby looks into Elliot Rollins and finds out that he died 15 years ago! So the person that we think is Elliot is a fraud. When Hanna and Mona find the burner phone they answer and its Jenna saying ‘ Hey Archer its Jenna Marshall’ is this his real name? how do they even know each other?

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June/July favourites

Hey guys here are a few of the things that I’ve been absolutely loving this month!

  • Pretty little liars -Season 7 is absolutely amazing and i would definitely recommend watching it. It has kept me on edge throughout each episode.


  •  Flower crowns –I have literally been living in flower crowns this month. They are so summery and make me feel as if I’m going to a festival


  • Eco tools make up brushes -These brushes are not only free from animal cruelty, they actually make applying make up much easier.


  • Macbook air- My dad bought me a new laptop and it is AMAZING! I love it so much. I definitely recommend this although it isn’t the cheapest of laptops.


  • Lush Whoosh shower jelly – As i have said previously this shower jelly has a fresh citrus scent which always leaves me feeling fresh after a shower.

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