June/July favourites

Hey guys here are a few of the things that I’ve been absolutely loving this month!

  • Pretty little liars -Season 7 is absolutely amazing and i would definitely recommend watching it. It has kept me on edge throughout each episode.


  •  Flower crowns –I have literally been living in flower crowns this month. They are so summery and make me feel as if I’m going to a festival


  • Eco tools make up brushes -These brushes are not only free from animal cruelty, they actually make applying make up much easier.


  • Macbook air- My dad bought me a new laptop and it is AMAZING! I love it so much. I definitely recommend this although it isn’t the cheapest of laptops.


  • Lush Whoosh shower jelly – As i have said previously this shower jelly has a fresh citrus scent which always leaves me feeling fresh after a shower.

Comment any suggestions to other blog posts down below.

Ela x


Pretty little liars Season 7 ,Episode 3 -The Talented Mr. Rollins

This episode kept me on edge throughout the whole 45 minutes! It was probably one of the best episodes so far.


  • Emily and Sabrina admit that they like each other
  • Spencer finds out that Hanna and Caleb kissed
  • Elliot isn’t who he says he is
  • Elliot is making Ali deteriorate- she is not even ill he is making her that way by using drugs to sedate her and make her have hallucinations
  • The liars find out that Elliot made a mask of Wilden to make Alison think that she was seeing things
  • Ali manages to escape but when she does Elliot chases after her, meanwhile Spencer, Emily , Hanna and Aria crash into him and KILL HIM (unintentionally)
  • There was a creepy girl at a farm where Elliot and Charlotte used to go who had dolls, that were given by Charlotte, of the liars
  • Charlotte and Elliot were in a relationship



‘Elliot’ had an english accent when he spoke to Alison, this makes me wonder whether there is a connection between Wren and Elliot. If you think about it they both look alike. They both have brown eyes and dark hair. They also are/ were both doctors at psychiatric units, although this doesn’t make them related, nothing is a coincidence in Rosewood so it may mean something.

On twitter the user @workfromcold had an interesting screen shot that shows that Dr Rollins was Mona’s doctor when she was at Radley! ( found on https://www.romper.com/p/are-elliot-wren-related-on-pretty-little-liars-theres-a-lot-of-evidence-12507 )CjVx6j2XIAA-THO

This is definitely NOT a coincidence! Although Wrens last name is Kingston he may have changed his name. I’m not quite sure. Comment your theories below.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1 Tick tock b**ches highlights


  • Alison has a psychotic brake- could this be because she killed Charlotte?
  • Hanna’s life is on the line if the liars don’t get the name of Charlotte’s killer and proof ,  A.D (Uber A) will kill her
  • Jessica’s twin sister , who we think is Mary Drake, makes an appearance and is acting very suspiciously
  • Ezria might be getting back together!!!!
  • Are Elliot and Mary Drake working together? Is one of them A.D?
  • The liars are digging someones grave, who’s could it be?
  • Elliot seems to be secretly against Ali
  • Are Jessica and Mary the twins from the twin story?


What are your theories? Comment down below.

Ela x

Lush products review

IMG_0160.JPGWHOOSH! SHOWER JELLY. This is literally AMAZING it smells so fresh like lemon and lime. I would definitely recommend it! It is a shower gel in the form of a jelly so you can rub it over your body. It can be chilled or frozen or used straight from the pot. I am definitely going to re-purchase this!

R&B HAIR MOISTURISER. This product is perfect for hair that is damaged and frizzy (like mine) It moisturises your hair and leaves it looking sleek and smooth, although it doesn’t smell as good as other lush products.

CUP O’ COFFEE FACE AND BODY MASK. I absolutely love this! Today was the first time that i have tried this and i can honestly it is worth the money. It  has grains of coffee that exfoliate your skin. I also love the strong smell of coffee that this product has and the brightening effect it has on your face. However when rinsing this off your face it does create a bit of mess , which looks like you’ve just spilt some coffee.

The good thing about lush products is that they are free from animal cruelty which makes me love lush even more! I would recommend all of these products 🙂

Ela x

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Why we should avoid pro-ana sites

The other day i was scrolling through my recovery account on instagram with positive posts from other people in their journey to recovery from an eating disorder then i came across a photo of somebody who was very underweight. Why would you post that when you know that other people are recovering? This could have a negative impact on somebody else journey.  People who are in recovery don’t automatically get better when gaining weight or getting out of hospital, it is a long journey that could take years to recover from. Its like saying to someone who’s broken their leg and has come out of hospital just walk you are fine now.

Pro-ana sites are ridiculous! People should not glamourise eating disorders, do you want me to tell you what an eating disorder is like? Your hair falling out , brittle nails , no energy    , feeling freezing cold all of the time , dizziness , feeling depressed and being withdrawn and the list goes on…

Why would anyone promote this?  i do not know! Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. It is not just thinking you’re fat its physically feeling the fat creeping all over you (in my experience) . It is NOT a lifestyle choice or something that people should encourage.

From my own experience i can tell you that looking at these sites only triggers you to feel worse about yourself and make things even harder, especially if you’re in recovery. I think that pro-ana sites should be banned because they are promoting an ILLNESS which people can die from, if somebody made a pro-cancer website everyone would go crazy. They are both serious illnesses that people can die from.

People that make these pages must be very ill themselves and not realise the massive impact that this could have in somebody else’s illness.

Ela x

Top 5 favourite make-up products

Hey guys, i am writing this from my new MacBook Air that my dad bought me as a present! I am getting discharged from hospital on Monday 20th so i should be able to post more regularly.

Here are my top 5 favourite make-up products:

  1. Maybelline Master Brow pro palette – this contains a wax that you apply first then a powder to fill in the brows and a highlighter to go on the brow boneIMG_0139
  2. Soap and glory thick and fast high definition collagen coat mascara- This is probably the best mascara that i have used as it gives your eyelashes length whilst still looking naturalIMG_0142
  3. Soap and glory sexy mother pucker matte lipstick in the shade chocoberryIMG_0141
  4. Rimmel exaggerate eye liner -this eye liner creates a smooth cat eye flick easily because the applicator is easy to useIMG_0145
  5. Revlon Satin 015 Shimmering Sienna eyeshadow – i love this colour as it matches with my copper ombreIMG_0148.JPGPlease comment down below any other blog post suggestions, Ela x

World eating disorders day

Today is world eating disorders day (I know I’ve posted this a bit late) but I just wanted to say to everybody who is struggling with an eating disorder that you are so strong and brave and you can get through these horrible times. One day things will be better, I’m not going to lie I find this hard to remember and usually focus on the negatives. While being in hospital I’ve witnessed so much bravery and courage from each and every person and i admire them all because I know that it’s so hard. There are many misconceptions about eating disorders:

– it is an illness not a lifestyle choice 

-it’s not because we are vein

-once you are weight restored it does not mean that you are better, in fact it’s probably one of the hardest stages of recovery 

-not just girls have eating disorders boys do too

Please visit https://www.b-eat.co.uk  if you need some support whether you are suffering or you’re a family member of somebody with the illness. Also please take action and sign the pledge to raise awareness. http://worldeatingdisordersday.org&nbsp;

Ela x