The common misconception of people with mental illness and people in psychiatric hospitals.

Hello, long time no post! I saw somebody else do a similar blog post to this and it inspired me to write this. I am currently putting off doing my english work to write this because i seriously don’t have the motivations to do it.

People often think that people with mental illness are all violent and dangerous, when in fact only 3%-5% of people with a serious mental health condition are violent and people with severe mental illnesses are over 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crime than the general population. ( ) People also think that people with mental illness are self obsessed and will never recover often leading on to thinking that their treatment is a waste of time but that is completely not true, it’s an illness and all people who are ill deserve help!

When people think of a psychiatric hospital they think that its a place where all of the ‘crazy’ people go and some people even call it a ‘loony bin’. They think that it is full of horrible,scary people that are selfish and attention seeking when actually i have met some of the most kindhearted, caring and considerate people ever when i was admitted to an eating disorder unit. People actually find the thought of a psychiatric hospital funny when it really isn’t , it is somewhere where severely ill people go in order to start their journey to recovery. It should be treated just the same as anyone with a physical illness going into hospital would be. But yet people think that everyone is just sitting there in ball rocking and crying and yes this may happen but it isn’t all of the time and in there you can make lovely friends and actually have some laughs even though there may be more tears. It can become competitive or triggering being in hospital with other people who are mentally ill and that is the illness talking, everyone cared for each other and loved each other when i was an inpatient. MENTAL ILLNESS DOESN’T DEFINE YOU AS A PERSON, YOU CAN BEAT YOUR ILLNESS, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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